The Captain of Your Ship

Envision a boat making its way through the water, moving further and further from sight

Just a tiny object amidst an enormous ocean

Its journey comprised of endless possibilities, unlimited potential

Its destination could be anywhere in the world

And while observing this boat, as it glides over the water, nothing is more apparent than the freedom it contains

The beauty in knowing that it can follow its soul into the sunset if it so desires

And as you look on to this phenomenon you’ll notice that it sheds no light on where the boat has been, nor on what has brought it to this point

You won’t see the wrong turns taken, the mistakes made, nor the obstacles that were overcome to get here

What you will see is a seemingly fresh start

Where every second of every minute is a new opportunity for the boat to go where it wants to go, to be what it wants to be

Its wake has no impact on its course

This is one of the most beautiful things about being alive

Every single day provides a blank page in your story for you to fill out as you see fit

Old habits, friends, mistakes, expectations, they exist in whatever capacity you allow them to

But they are not you, they are not indicative of your potential

You are the captain of your ship

Set sail

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