Why “Killing” Your Ego Is NOT The Goal Of Ascension

Killing your ego is NOT the goal of your spiritual ascension!  

That aspect of you that is pure spirit accepts everything and resists nothing.

It is somewhat counterintuitive but the only aspect of you that wishes to “kill” your ego is your ego.

Why does your ego wish to “kill” itself?  So that it can go out amongst other egos and proudly proclaim “Look at me, I have killed my ego!”

IF you were actually able to kill your ego, and some sages throughout history have done this, then you wouldn’t respond to your name and you would have to be fed and cleaned like a baby.

Your ego is necessary to navigate this realm and if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have one.

You weren’t born with an ego, but the ability to develop an ego was there at the moment of your birth.

Through conditioning by your parents and caregivers and contact with the outside world, you developed an ego over time.

You were born into this world as pure conscious awareness and underneath your conditioned mind, you still are.

So what IS the “goal” of your spiritual ascension?!

The goal is to walk in this world as your Authentic Self, but what exactly is your “Authentic Self?!”

Your Authentic Self is the balance point or overlap between pure ego and pure spirit.

This is the beauty of the Self Realization Mantra.  It can shift you into this state of beingness.

When you are in this state of balance between spirit and ego, the majority of your decisions, thoughts, emotions, feelings, actions and creations are pleasing to and in alignment with both your ego and your spirit.

Your Ego seeks acknowledgement, acceptance and validation.  Your ego wishes to be seen and heard and appreciated.  The first line of the Self Realization Mantra validates your egoic sense of self.

Your Spirit seeks peace and oneness with everyone and everything.  The second line of the Self Realization Mantra (re)connects you with everyone and everything.

In combination, the first 2 lines of this beautiful mantra help you to stay in balance and embody your Authentic Self.

May you achieve Moksha in this lifetime.

I salute you for reading this post all the way through.

I Love You and I Want You To Be Happy!


David Dreamwalker Diamondheart

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Chuck says December 4, 2018

There’s no need for the Actor to “kill” the character in the role that he’s playing. He just needs to stop being so attached to his belief that THAT’S who he really is. 🙂

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